Jays GM swears he's unbothered by Yankees' exchange for Stanton: 'There is nothing I think less about'

Jays GM swears he's unbothered by Yankees' exchange for Stanton: 'There is nothing I think less about'

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Blue Jays GM Ross Atkins was cool and quiet amid a social event with the Toronto media on Monday. Yet, in the event that he was lashed to a pulse meter, the machine most likely would have exploded when he was gotten some information about Giancarlo Stanton.

Or on the other hand more particularly, what he considered the way that the Yankees have all of a sudden moved toward becoming — according to various wagering destinations — the top picks to win the 2018 World Series in the wake of exchanging for Stanton, the 2017 MLB grand slam and RBI pioneer.

"There is nothing I think less about," said Atkins, showing some uncommon disturbance. "We comprehend that that is a noteworthy piece to the condition and somebody that will improve the New York Yankees. It's energizing to consider, it's energizing to consider playing against the New York Yankees. They will be great.

"(In any case, we're certain and idealistic that we have an awesome center to expand upon."

The Jays may have an extraordinary center to expand upon, yet unless they make some key moves this off-season, it will probably be a center the Yankees and Boston Red Sox kick around next season. The word at the Winter Meetings this week is that the Red Sox will go out and influence an arrangement to equal the Stanton to move.

The prattle provoked somebody to inquire as to whether playing in the free-spending AL East is a revile — an inquiry that has been asked of entirely well every Jays' GM throughout the years. Toronto increased its payrolls to near $177 million out of 2017, yet the powerful number still could not hope to compare to New York and Boston.

"I believe it's the best place to be," Atkins said. "I truly do. The vitality and the aggressive soul in and around those divisional recreations and divisional arrangement is inconceivable. I could never exchange that for anything."

On Monday, Atkins stayed with the story that the club is in the market for an ordinary outfielder, more infield profundity and beginning pitching. Be that as it may, the Jays still can't seem to make a noteworthy move other than procuring infielder Aledmys Diaz (a 2016 NL top pick) and there's an inclination that Toronto might be deserted in the walk to a 2018 playoff spot unless they accomplish something critical.

Atkins implied that the Jays are near making an arrangement or two and is certain they can swing something vital in light of their enhanced small time framework (ability that could spur different groups to make an arrangement with the Jays) and the money related assets accessible.

Atkins said that there is a lack of beginning pitching to be had this off-season however said his club has a wealth of small time ability in the outfield and in the warm up area to use to potentially encourage exchanges.

It's dependent upon Atkins and his group to pull off something, and he's trusting it will occur at these gatherings with every one of the groups present and talking.

"There is that inclination (of) don't pass up a major opportunity," said Atkins, adding the Jays need to take a gander at "inventive" and "creative" approaches to conceivably complete a few arrangements. "That is the thing that keeps you up during the evening — trusting that there's not some open door that is not going to be there tomorrow. That inclination heightens here."

Atkins was gotten some information about star third baseman Josh Donaldson, who has one year left on his Jays' agreement before turning into a free operator, and whether there is discussion of a long haul expansion.

"I can't get into regardless of whether we are really arranging or not," Atkins said. "(Be that as it may, in case we're considering improving this association consistently, it's extremely difficult to envision improving it without Josh. He's a standout amongst other players in the amusement."


Atkins said Aaron Sanchez was surveyed in Dunedin on Monday and, if the news is great, he will begin playing get on Tuesday.

The enormous starter was set on the incapacitated rundown on four events last season as a result of waiting rankle issues on his correct hand.

The GM included that he expects oft-harmed second baseman Devon Travis, who missed a significant part of the 2017 season with knee damage, to be prepared for spring preparing.