Terrible news for Canada: Olympic speed skaters say blue garbs are the new mystery to winning

Terrible news for Canada: Olympic speed skaters say blue garbs are the new mystery to winning
Rivals were muddled as of late when German, Norwegian and South Korean skaters appeared to an occasion wearing suspiciously comparable hues

STAVANGER, Norway — Olympic-bore speed skaters in some cases race for 10 kilometers, and gold awards can be controlled by hundredths of a moment. Nations that consider the game important have searched for each conceivable logical favorable position, from the arrangement of the pivot that associates the skate cutting edge to the boot to the streamlined features of hoods on hustling suits.

In the months paving the way to the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, a portion of the game's greatest forces appear to be under the influence of another and far less logically thorough conviction about their gear: Blue is the quickest shading.

Speed skating fans and contenders were distracted as of late when skaters from three nations — Germany, Norway and South Korea — appeared to the main World Cup occasion of the season wearing new outfits in a suspiciously comparative shade of blue. South Korea has verifiably worn blue. Germany and Norway have not.

The clothing was especially shaking for Norway, whose long history of speed skating ability has been accomplished in red — dependably in red. Norway has won 80 speed skating awards at the Olympics, behind just the 105 won by the Netherlands. The New York Yankees had appeared at the baseball playoffs in polka specks as opposed to pinstripes.

"The Norwegians' entire history is with the unbelievable red suits," said Hein Otterspeer, a dash master from the Netherlands, who revealed hearing an indistinguishable bits of gossip from every other person at the World Cup races in Stavanger, Norway. "Individuals are stating now the blue shading is quicker than some other shading. That is somewhat of an odd hypothesis, however perhaps they tried it, and it went superior to the red suit."

With any new bit of hardware there is a presumption that it has been tried, tried once more, and tried some more. At ice arenas, research centers and twist burrows the world over, the best nations are occupied with a secretive weapons contest, an alternate kind of chilly war. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics was associated with the advancement of the dashing suits worn by the United States at the previous Winter Games.