Chicago 2012: Tsegaye Kebede breaks course record with 2:04:38

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Chicago 2012: Tsegaye Kebede breaks course record with 2:04:38

Tsegaye Kebede has won the 2012 Chicago Marathon in a course record time of 2:04:38, taking simply under a moment off Moses Mosop's one-year old record. It likewise puts Kebede precisely one moment outside the world record, and he drove home a field that saw the best five every set Pb (obviously, one was a debutant, and the fourth hadn't completed a marathon until today)

Here are your best 5:

1. Tsegaye Kebede - 2:04:38

2. Feyisa Lelisa - 2:04:52

3. Tilahun Regassa - 2:05:26

4. Sammy Kitwara - 2:05:53

5. Wesley Korir - 2:06:13

Along these lines, three Ethiopians on the platform, and the first run through in numerous years that a Kenyan has not won, not to mention not in any case completed on the platform.

Kebede was the exemplary character of the day, and was its attacker. He went to the front soon after midway, while the pacemakers were still there, and you could see him stressing to go.

When they dropped off, Kebede had free rule and open street, and he took both, heading off to the front and winding the pace up. Midway was come to in a generally moderate 62:53 (the discussion was of a 62-min target), yet then Kebede wrenched it up. From 25km he ran a 14:29 split, and lined that up with a 14:19 split to take him to 35km.

That implied he shrouded those 10km out of 28:48, and it was sufficient to devastate the field, with one exemption - Lilesa. The Ethiopian was the last man remaining with Kebede, thus with 5km to go, the race looked like the epic 2010 fight that saw Kebede and Wanjiru duel together in a race that took after a track cycling race, such were the surges and counter-surges. On that event, the two were bolted together until the last straight, and Wanjiru broke Kebede for the win.

That didn't occur today - Kebede was excessively solid. Lilesa appeared at the front for some time, however with around 4km to go, he dropped behind Kebede. That was a transitory move, in light of the fact that at around 40km, he was gapped, and the small Ethiopian, who many consider unfortunate to have passed up a major opportunity for the Olympic Games in London, demonstrated his real marathon accreditations, to move away and assert an eventually agreeable triumph.

Behind him, as said, PBs for Lilesa, Regussa (a super quick presentation, however not exactly as fast as Kimetto a week ago in Berlin), Kitwara and Korir. The USA's Dathan Ritzenhein likewise ran a PB, completing in 2:07:47 for ninth place.

The following is the race, as it happened. You'll see 5km parts, general circumstances and the odd remark. It likewise indicates how the early pace was moderate, maybe on the grounds that it was excessively chilly (4C or 40F toward the begin), and that they were never in front of Mosop's course record until 40km. Underneath the parts are my remarks as the race unfurled.

New York stays as the last marathon of the Majors, however Frankfurt may yet have a say in the positioning records. Go along with us for those in coming weeks!

The ladies' race created a stupendous complete, as Atsede Baysa of Ethiopia hustled next to each other against Rita Jeptoo of Kenya, at last winning by not as much as a moment.

Baysa's triumphant time of 2:22:04 isn't astounding, however the complete was. Baysa has run three marathons this year, and as indicated by the best pundit of the day, Tim Hutchings, has made a propensity for running three or four marathons per year. She has won Paris twice, and had a PB of 2:22:04 coming in (she equalled it today), yet her current frame didn't point to her as the presumable champ.

The pace was predictable all through - 10km of every 34min anticipated a 2:23:28, at that point midway was come to in 1:11:15 (2:22:30 anticipated), thus it stayed really unfaltering, a race of weakening as early pioneers fell away. There was no conclusive move, however the 10km from 30km to 40km were shrouded in 33:30, the speediest of the race. That was the point at which the east Africans made their quality felt, and the Russians who had driven early were consigned to outside the main 3. To begin with among them would be Liliya Shobukhova, who was offering for her fourth straight Chicago triumph, in any case missed the mark in fourth place, 55 seconds down on the victor.

The other staggering thing about the ladies' race is exactly how awful the analysis was from out on course. Joan Benoit Samuelson was on the course, and she initially delegated Maria Konovalova of Russia as the champion after just 10km. At that point by midway, she proclaimed the Shobukhova had the race under control. By 25km, Lucy Kabuu was your victor, and obviously by 40km, it was Jeptoo. Her voice tremored with energy as she encouraged the sprinters to "run" and "utilize your arms", and made the race hard to watch with the sound on. It was just as she's never viewed a marathon, not to mention won some huge ones.